Installing Draft Order Invoice Shopify App

  1. Under Sales Channels -> Online Store -> Themes go to Customize Theme for the theme you'd like to activate the app on. On the left side select App Embeds and toggle activate the button next to the Draft Order Invoice app.
  2. Most themes do not support app blocks on the account page, so this step typically requires going into Edit Code for the theme you'd like to install the app on (from step #1). Note the guide below is for a Shopify 2.0 theme, but similar process applies to legacy 1.0 themes.

    - Once you're in the Shopify theme code editor, go to the Templates folder and select the customers/account.json file. On the right side you'll see sections -> main -> type, note this name down as this is the section file in control of your customer account page.

    Note down the name of the file, in this case it's "main-account"

    - Now go to Sections and find the name of the file you noted in the last step. Here you'll be adding the following code where you want the open draft order invoice table to display:

<section id="conspire-open-orders" class="cadoi-bg-primary-bg" data-customer-email="{{ }}"></section>

Typically this would go above or below the orders table. In the screenshot below on the Dawn theme we added it above the start of the customers order table, directly above the title of the order table.

By default only drafts that have been sent to the customer will show up in their account dashboard. If you would like to make a draft order visible to a customer without sending them an email for whatever reason, you can add a tag "visible" to the draft order and it will show up in the customer account widget.

That's it!

If you have questions or features you'd like to see added to the app, we'd love if you email us at

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